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Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение

школа-интернат основного общего образования

Внеклассное мероприятие


английскому языку

для 7- 8 классов

Аукцион «Великобритания»


Яковлева О. В,

Учитель английского языка



Новосибирской области


  • обобщение изученного материала по теме «Вели­кобритания»;

  • совершенствование навыков устной речи;

  • ак­туализация страноведческого материала.


  • игральный кубик;

  • компьютер;

  • интерактивная доска;

  • молоточек; «фунты»;

  • кар­точки с вопросами;

  • призы победителям.

Ход мероприятия

— Hello, my dear boys and girls! We are glad to greet you at our auction! All children like to play. That's why we shall play the game "Auction" today. There are two teams in our classroom and we have three members of our jury today. The first team is called ... , and its captain is ... . The 2nd team is called, and its captain is The members of our jury are: ....

— Do you know how to play "Auction"? Listen to me, please. Учитель приветствует детей и объясняет им правила игры

— Now listen to the rules of our auction. It consists of stages, each of them includes 5 questions. These questions deal with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ire­land.

— Let's choose the 1st theme. This die will help us to do it. Ведущий бросает кубик и читает тему.

— Oh, it's "Political Outlook". Do you like it? You do! So, if you have a question on this topic, you have to buy it. So the 1st lot is "Political Outlook" and the starting price is 10 pounds. Who wants to buy it for 10 pounds? One, two, three - it is sold. So, you've bought the question and you've bought the right to answer it. But if your answer is wrong, the other team may give its version. Now, please, captain, come to me and choose one of these cards. So, your ques­tion is ... and it costs (...) points. You have 30 seconds to discuss it

- What is your answer?

- It's right (wrong) ... and you've got your 1st point today.

- The next question will be about (бросает кубик) the British ways of life. Who wants to have a question about it?

-... (answer)

-So. The final score is ... . Let's congratulate the winners. Please, go to the jury to get your prize!

-Thank you for the game. Thanks to our jury

for their work.


Вопросы аукциона

1. "Main Parts of Great Britain"

  1. What is the largest part of the UK? (2 points) (The largest part of the UK is England.)

  2. What part of Great Britain borders on the Independent Irish Republic on land? (4 points)

(Northern Ireland borders on the Independent Irish Republic on land.)

  1. What is the capital of Wales? (3 points) (The capital of Wales is Cardiff.)

  2. What are the regions of England? (5 points)

(The regions of England are: the Southeast, the Southwest, East Anglia, the Midlands and the north of England.)

5) What parts is Scotland divided into? (2 points)

(Scotland is divided into Highlands and Lowlands.)

2. "Geographical Outlook"

1) What parts does the United Kingdom consist of?

(2 points)

(The United Kingdom consists of four parts: England, Scot­land, Northern Ireland, Wales.)

  1. What is between Great Britain and Ireland? (5 points) (The Irish Sea is between Great Britain and Ireland.)

  2. Where is the UK situated? (4 points) (The UK is situated on the British Isles.)

  3. What is the UK washed by in the north? (1 point) (The UK is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the north.)

5) What dover do we usually call the narrowest part of the English Channel? (3 points)

(The Strait of Dover is the narrowest part of the English Channel.)

3. "Political Outlook"

1) How many members are there in the House of Commons?

(2 points)

(There are 650 members in the House of Commons.)

2) Whom does the power in the country belong to?
(3 points)

(The power in the country belongs to the British Parliament and to the British Government.)

3) Why is the House of Lords considered to be a very

important body? (4 points)

(It is considered to be a very important body because it can offer, delay and change laws.)

4) How often do the British people elect the members of the

House of Commons? (5points)

(The British people elect the members of the House of Commons every five year.)

5) Who is the Head of State in Great Britain? (2 points)

(The Head of State is the Queen.)

4. "The British Ways of Life"

1) What is the favourite topic to discuss in Great Britain?

(2 points)

(The favourite topic to discuss in Britain is weather.)

2) What pets are the special animals in Great Britain?
(3 points)

(The special animals in Great Britain are cats.)

  1. When do people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day? (4 points) (People celebrate Guy Fawkes Day on the 5"' of Novem­ber.)

  2. Where can you see ravens in London? (3 points) (The ravens we can see in the Tower of London.)

  3. Why do the ravens live in the Tower of London? (3 points)

(One of the old English legends says that London can be the capital of the country, rich and great, until twelve black ravens live in the Tower of London.)

Используемые сайты и литература: http://yandex.ru/yandsearch?stype=first&clid=46511&text=

Е.В.Дзюина :Игровые уроки и внеклассные мероприятия на английском языке: 5-11 классы.-М.:ВАКО,2007.-(Мастерская учителя).

Е.А.Балк,М. М.Леменев: Английский язык.Занимательный урок: сб. доп. Материалов.6-6 кл.-М.:ЭНАС,2008

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